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Captain Cook Cruises (WA) has been assisting local charities and organisations since foundation over 30 years ago and always prides itself on helping where possible. Each year Captain Cook Cruises (WA) donates over $20,000 worth of cruises to worthy causes assisting in much needed fund raising.

We receive many requests on a daily basis for donations and assistance, but unfortunately it is impossible to help everyone. All requests are individually considered but there are certain criteria that we look to have satisfied first to enhance the possibility of a donation being granted.

There are a couple of major criteria that must be satisfied initially:

  • The donation is used in a fund raising manner, and 100% of the funds generated from the donation (raffle, silent or public auction) are returned in charitable benefit.
  • The funds raised are used for benefit within Western Australia in whole or part.

We believe that charity begins at home, here in WA, which is why we have introduced these policies. We also heavily favour registered charities, and those that may not receive high profile publicity, and are particularly suffering during the current economic climate.

Sporting Clubs, Schools and Religious Institutions are all welcome to submit a request for a donation, following the criteria above. However, the fund raising effort would ultimately need to be a benefit to a charitable organisation, rather than for materialistic gain such as the purchase of equipment, building repairs, or travel.

This means that fund raising to assist overseas travel for aid work, or sponsoring activities overseas would not qualify.

All requests are required to be submitted using the form below.

Please note that Captain Cook Cruises (WA) does not give cash donations or purchase sponsorship packages.

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