About your Charity / Donation Application

Captain Cook Cruises (WA) has been assisting local charities and organisations since foundation over 30 years ago and always prides itself on helping where possible. Each year Captain Cook Cruises (WA) donates over $20,000 worth of cruises to worthy causes assisting in much needed fundraising.

We receive many requests on a daily basis for donations and assistance, but unfortunately it is impossible to help everyone. All requests are individually considered but there is certain criteria that we look to have satisfied first to enhance the possibility of a donation being granted as listed below:

  • The donation is used in a fundraising manner, and 100% of the funds generated from the donation (raffle, silent or public auction) are returned in charitable benefit
  • The funds raised are used for benefit within Western Australia in whole 
  • Overseas travel for aid work, or activities do not qualify
  • Be a registered ACNC Charity (ABN must be quoted at time of request) 

We believe that charity begins at home, here in WA, which is why we have introduced these policies. We endeavour to support organisations that have aligned values and objectives to ours and impact our immediate community more favourably. 

Captain Cook Cruises supports registered charities, schools and registered sporting clubs on an individual application basis. We regret we are unable to assist fundraising events for individuals unless organized through a registered charity. 

Only requests submitted using the form below will be considered.

Please note that Captain Cook Cruises (WA) does not give cash donations.

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